Mangoler eCommerce Website Launch

Today we are excited to tell you, we will release the Mangoler ecommerce website in a next few weeks. As you know, Mangoler ecommerce is only released mobile applications for iOS and Android, but today we aim to deliver the ecommerce website by the end of August or first week of September. The website and mobile application all integrated together. For example, when you update your CMS, Your apps (iOS, Android) + Your website will update instantly.


Why eCommerce website

At the first few months of Mangoler eCommerce release, we focus on the mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. This is a simple yet effective solution for business who only need a landing page and lead their users to their Apple Store or Google Store page to download their apps. However, This might not enough when businesses would like to extend their sales with an ecommerce website and target online users too.

In fact, the majority of our users have their own ecommerce website to sell their products. And they only use Mangoler ecommerce for mobile application purpose. In another side, Some other businesses, they don’t have any website portal. This makes it challenging for them to market their products if they don’t have any online presence.

We get quite a number of inquiries from our users whether do we have any plan for developing an ecommerce website. Therefore, we decide to develop a responsive website to come along with the mobile applications.

In the last two months, we decide to develop a website based on Mangoler ecommerce. This means, besides  eCommerce mobile application for Android and iOS. It gives you the possibility to have your ecommerce website to sell your product online too.

Apps and website are sync and fully integrated

The great part of this is, your application and your website are all integrated and synced together. You can manage your store with one CMS admin interface in one place. For example, when you create one product in your CMS, it will publish in both mobile apps and your website.

The website will include all the features of Mangoler ecommerce with the same set of backend API. For those who bought Mangoler ecommerce already, they can get the website separately when we release it. Below is the simple illustration to show how Mangoler is integrated and easy to use.

Mangoler work flow

Get notified when it’s launch

We working hard to release the website as soon as possible in August or early September of this year. If you want to know when we release the website, please subscribe to our updates on the right sidebar with your email and we will let you know as soon as we release the website.

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