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A Complete eCommerce Solution

  • CMS Admin
    Manage your website and your app's content with simple to use CMS admin.
  • Responsive Website Template
    A Website ecommerce that enable you to sell your products online, with a minimalist and beautiful theme. Design your theme when you prefer!
  • iOS & Android Apps Template
    With Mangoler it's easy to publish your mobile app for iPhone and Android on the app store. It's all under your developer account. You can also design your own template when you need.
  • Source Code
    We open the source code of CMS, Website and mobile apps in case you need to change it or add more features without any limitation.

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Few more things about Mangoler
  • Simple to use APIs and even simpler to extend them!
  • Everything will be stored on your own servers.
  • All features are fully integrated with website, apps and the cms admin.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive the CMS admin source code with my Mangoler package?

Yes, Mangoler CMS admin source code along with website, mobile apps (iOS, Android) source code are available in your Mangoler package for both Basic and Startup packages.

If my team needs to add more features, what we need to learn before we started?

If you already using the technologies that we are using in Mangoler development such as PHP or Angular, you don't need to learn any extra knowledge. We implement the Mangoler with popular practices and frameworks.

Can I integrate third-party service of my choice?

Yes you can. Mangoler comes with the full source code, so you can always change or add new features when you want. If you are a developer or have a team of developers, you can always do it by checking the third party service documentation.

What libraries and languages Mangoler using?

PHP and MySQL for backend and AngularJS 1.x framework for the front-end apps. Mangoler using gulp/npm and bower for package management and build system.

I don't have a development team and I need a more dedicated support, how can I request it?

If you need a dedicated support to solve your tickets within the shorter time, please drop us an email.