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Things included in the Mangoler package

  • iOS & Android Apps
    Mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. You can easily publish your app on Apple Store and Google Play under your account.
  • Content Management System (CMS) Admin
    Create products, send push notification to your users and more. Everything is manageble through your CMS admin.
  • Flexible Package & Source Code
    Changing and adding new feature in Mangoler just get easier. Use your web knowledge to modify and extend Mangoler. We do React!

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Mobile application and the CMS admin

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81 B+ Consumer spending on mobile
62% Users purchase on mobile
188 B+ Mobile app revenues

Everything you need to sell your products on mobile

Pre-Order Sale. Until end of May 2018

With Pre-Ordering save more than 20%, for the first year. After release the price will be $85/month.

The Mangoler Guarantee

Try for 30 days and if you are not completely in love with your new Mangoler 2.0 app, we will give you 100% of your money back.

Support Tailored for You

We don’t just give you a great offer, we give you great support too.

*Licenses are not automatically renewed annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive the CMS admin source code with my Mangoler 2.0 package?

Yes, you'll receive the Mangoler CMS admin source code along with the mobile application (iOS, Android) source code in your Mangoler package.

Is there a money back guarantee policy for Mangoler products?

We have 30 days money back guarantee for all of our products.

If my team needs to add more features, what do we need to learn before we get started?

If you are already using the technologies that we are using for our Mangoler development such as React/React Native, PHP and Angular, you don't need to learn any extra knowledge. We implement Mangoler with the latest cutting age frameworks.

Can I integrate a third-party service of my choice?

Yes you can. Mangoler comes with the full source code, so you can always change or add new features when you want. If you are a developer or have a team of developers, you can always do it by checking the third party service documentation.

Will my membership be renewed automatically every year?

The membership renewal is manual at the moment and it is only possible if you manually renew it every year.

I don't have a development team and I need a more dedicated support, how can I request it?

If you need a dedicated support to solve your tickets within a shorter time, please drop us an email.

I have an existing mobile application with React Native, how can I integrate it?

If you are using Expo just like us, you only need to add a Mangoler npm package to your repository and use Mangoler ecommerce components. We will also release an example project for those who need to start fresh.

Can I use it for multiple apps?

You need one license per application and it is not possible to use it for multiple apps.

What libraries and languages does Mangoler use?

We use React/React Native for mobile apps, PHP and MySQL for backend APIs and AngularJS 1.x framework for the CMS admin interface. Mangoler uses a npm/gulp/yarn for package management and build system.