How Mangoler Affiliate Program Works

This week, 16th of September, we are excited to announce our affiliate program launch for all of our users and business who wish to work with us. We planned the program around 2 months ago as we receiving requests from businesses whether there is any channel for them to collaborate with us and become our reseller. Our affilaite panel is simple to work and our products are great and profitable to market.

How it works

Mangoler affiliate program is provided for businesses or individuals who want to promote our products and receive a commission for each sale. For example, if you having a blog or a website that fit with our products, you can use your referral links in your content or as an image to send a traffic to our website. when a user purchases any product or services from Mangoler, you will get 15% of the product /service price. The amount with our current product price is between $70 to $300 USD.

You might ask why we don’t give commission for the clicks or signups? we do this for a simple reason, in some businesses this might work as they have subscription business model or they having thousands of products to sell to the visitors such as online retailers, in this situation, even clicks are a good quality leads for them, but in Mangoler, all of our products are one-time payment and there is no subscription, besides, we having three main packages, that’s why we only give commission for those who have successful sale.

Who is eligible to join

It is available for both individuals and businesses to join our affiliate program. For example, If you are an active blogger, a social network geek with thousands of followers or manage a high website, give it a try.

Check below illustration to get an overview of the affiliate program.


Receive $70 to $300 USD commission
for each sale

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