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You may be curious to know how everything works in Mangoler eCommerce ecosystem. Let’s start it with this: We have a simple philosophy for the Mangoler. We don’t like to make it complicated. We’ve been trying to design the mangoler in a way that it is simple to learn and adopt with your existing business needs.

There is no magic. It’s HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Angular Framework), and PHP. If you understand these few languages and frameworks, you can edit any style or content you need within a few minutes. You might need to learn more if you need to add new features or use the third party service. And the good news is, we didn’t change the AngularJS in Mangoler way! 

The mangoler solutions includes three major parts:

1. Your website

A Website ecommerce is a web store for you to sell your products online, with minimalist theme design and great performance. You need to host your website on cloud hosting (most preferably) or simple shared hosting. You can apply your design if you do not prefer the Mangoler default theme at any time. The theme is pure HTML and CSS.

2. Your CMS admin

Your CMS admin is your admin panel which you can manage your mobile applications including managing the orders, customers, products, discounts and etc. CMS admin interface needs to install on your web host, just like a website. After that, the CMS connects with your mobile application and website to sync your store data (e.g. products, categories).

3. Your iOS, Android mobile applications

Mangoler provides you mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, so you can submit your app when you need it. Before you publish your app into the app stores, you need to do a few configurations and after that, you can generate an IPA (iOS package) or an APK (Android package) and submit your app to the app store. After that, you can manage your app from your CMS admin. Your mobile applications are fully integrated with your website, it means when you update your cms, both iOS and Android applications and website will received the updates.

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