How Mangoler Affiliate Program Works

This week, 16th of September, we are excited to announce our affiliate program launch for all of our users and business who wish to work with us. We planned the program around 2 months ago as we receiving requests from businesses whether there is any channel for them to collaborate with us […]

Mangoler eCommerce Website Launch

Today we are excited to tell you, we will release the Mangoler ecommerce website in a next few weeks. As you know, Mangoler ecommerce is only released mobile applications for iOS and Android, but today we aim to deliver the ecommerce website by the end of August or first week […]

4 Facts About Mangoler eCommerce

When you are starting your business, providing your service or products online will most probably be one of the things you will plan ahead as a business strategy. These days with various marketplaces and platforms as options to provide your products for your customers, each of these tools have different […]