4 Facts About Mangoler eCommerce

When you are starting your business, providing your service or products online will most probably be one of the things you will plan ahead as a business strategy. These days with various marketplaces and platforms as options to provide your products for your customers, each of these tools have different business models with their individual pros and cons.

In cases of marketplaces, they charge you by percentage for each sale you do and platforms usually charge you monthly for the specific amount of features they provide you and usually they get a small percentage of your sale too.

1. Mangoler is not a platform or marketplace

Mangoler eCommerce is a mobile application which you can own and have it permanently. You can change it or simply publish it as it is. This is a major difference between Mangoler and other eCommerce solutions. Once you purchase the package, there are no more charges for plugins or sales margin.

2. Mangoler source code is open to edit

We believe every business needs to have a clear idea about their application source code and what is going on under the hood. This is important for a few reasons:

  1. Each business handles and aggregate customer data differently.
  2. Businesses have different security measurements for keeping customer information, sales data and etc.
  3. When businesses grow, they  are more likely to control everything rather than depend on a single platform.
  4. They need an app maintenance handled by their in-house team

3. There are no monthly payment and extra charges

We do not charge you every month or yearly. It means you will get your application with a full source code and it is under your control. In Marketplaces or eCommerce platforms, you will create a shop and pay every month to that platform. When you plan to stop and not sell anymore with the platform, you cannot move it anywhere. The reason being is the platform owns your application and they can remove it after you stop paying them. With Mangoler eCommerce we having a totally different approach.

Once you purchase your application with a single/multiple app license, you have the right to use the license permanently. Mangoler eCommerce comes with a Free 1-year support. As part of our support policy, when your 1-year free support expires, we will then charge you a specific amount yearly. Support includes iOS and Android updates, new features, email support and one-to-one support. Of course, you can cancel your application support anytime at your account, but we do not recommend it if you don’t have a development team to maintain your application.

4. You are in charge of everything in your business

As a business, you usually need to scale up or down your business and simply make things in your own way. This may not seem important when you start your business with a small group of customers and products, but scaling your business is the one main thing you need to think of to maintain a successful growth.

The one reason we do not build another eCommerce platform or marketplace is because businesses cannot scale it easily and control everything such as customer data. With Mangoler eCommerce, you have unlimited control that includes:

  1. Branding your application with your business assets. No special code blocks. It is a pure CSS and HTML
  2. Setup your analytics tools on your app and measure customer behaviors such as track how many people drop-off from specific pages or how many customers abandon your shopping cart
  3. Access to your raw customer data and aggregate them for better sales and marketing reports
  4. Scaling your server whenever you think you need more speed and space
  5. Implement your security measurements (in case if you need)
  6. Possibility to port Mangoler eCommerce application API to your website for creating an integrated environment.

In conclusion, Mangoler is built for businesses that think about the growth of their business in the near future. If you only have a few products with a limited marketing budget, Mangoler eCommerce might not suit your business, but if you think you want to grow in the next few months and extend your product list and increase market shares with other competitors, this is the best way to go.

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